The “Very Big Catwalk” in Liverpool, what an incredible event and it was amazing to be part of such a positive and inspiring show production team. I wanted to share my show experience of being part of the team with a few behind the scene shots/video footage, as I’m still totally buzzing from the event and the team smashed a Guinness World Record for the number of models on a catwalk, yay!

I’ve only ever been to Liverpool once and hadn’t had chance to explore Liverpool as a city, so I was super excited to get there as soon as I could, to see the catwalk set-up and help wherever possible. The catwalk was being built when we arrived and it looked epic, it was on the sea-front, oh my the view, the team couldn’t have picked a better spot. Welcomed with open arms by the Very Big Catwalk Show Producer Jane Galpin who is a top TV Fashion Producer, and what an honour is was to meet and work with her, she is an absolute inspiration. Jane and Beth (Jane’s assistant) made us feel part of the team straight away, and with a quick show brief and team introductions we got stuck in to helping wherever we could.

This is the Friday morning’s view from the building where all the catwalk preparations were taking place… You can see the Very Big Catwalk being built!

From helping to paint the charity banners to organising the Very collections that were going to showcase, there was so much to do. With all events, the team is what makes a show happen and everybody was so positive and worked so well together. The catwalk show was separated into different Very scenes, each scene had a different theme and all clothing was from Very which included some gorgeous pieces from Rochelle Hulmes and Lauren Pope’s collections. All the the outfits had been put together by the Very visual merchandising team . Sorting outfits for each model and organising the collections was great as Tracey (event organiser) knew exactly what model was wearing what from previous meetings and photos on the trusty ipad.

The show had sixty professional catwalk models from BOSS Models, and each model wore Very clothing. Some models were walking four times so it was crucial, like with any catwalk, to have the outfits organised in model and scene order- the rails looked so organised, you can’t beat an organised selection of rails that are catwalk ready, just putting it out there, we had 27 of them!

Saturday morning, and super excited about the live show day. First things first the rails needed to be moved and put in number order and the backstage area needed to be set up ready for fittings. An area was created for the makeup and hair styling teams, near windows because of the natural light. The models went into rehearsals and everything was prepped ready for fittings and the seamstress was ready to make any alternations where necessary. Once all the fittings and alterations had been made, it was show time and all rails needed to be transported to the backstage area- mission- however mission fully accomplished! The show started at 5pm and was scheduled to perfection by the master spreadsheet show plan with the order of when the professional models and general public we’re going to be strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Carolyn Franklin hosted the catwalk show and it was an honour to meet such an elegant and fashionable women. The general public were turning up in the thousands, it was estimated that there were 200,000 people that visited and watched the the Very Big Catwalk show, the atmosphere was insane.

Celebrities including Rochelle Hulmes, Lauren Pope and Christopher Biggins took part in the catwalk with Lauren Pope doing a DJ set the start of her collection. Christopher Biggins strutted his stuff on the catwalk towards the end of the show to the James Bond theme, what a charmer and the crowds were going wild for him.

This photo is taken backstage before he turns and faces the crowd, you can see the models dressed and in order ready to go on with Mr Biggins.

He turns round and faces the crowd doing a James Bond impression, he was fabulous!

This is a close up from backstage:

Soooo many people enjoying the show, such a great atmosphere:

Unfortunately I only took photos towards the end of the catwalk show as there was a lot going on backstage however here is a video that the Very film crew produced of the event:

The weekend went far too quickly. A World Record was smashed and I was totally ecstatic to help and assist on what I can only describe as one of the biggest and best catwalk production shows I’ve ever worked on. I met some truly amazing people and very much look forward to coffee catch-ups soon.

Lola x


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