Today on Thelma and Louise’s tweet up they will be discussing all things travel, fashion and style. How important is fashion when travelling? Comfort over style or maybe both? Have you a set travel fashion holiday wardrobe? What are your travel must-haves? Do you travel heavy or light? Is your suitcase overflowing with too many fashion options? Not sure what to pack? There are so many fashion/style dilemmas that occur when packing that all important travel case. Choosing your travel wardrobe can be slightly overwhelming, and it is fair to say we all try and pack as many options as possible, just in case! I think the majority of us are guilty of this, so below are a few tips/considerations to take into account when packing that ultimate fashion travel wardrobe and a few holiday pieces I’m adoring right now.


  1. Create a holiday/travel checklist: gotta love a good checklist, this will keep you organised and ensure all key holiday essentials are packed.
  2. Consider what and if you have any activities you may have planned on your trip: will you be swimming, running, hiking, participating in yoga? If you aren’t too sure, have a look at what is available and consider your options, as this will help you when choosing you holiday wardrobe and ensure you are ready for every holiday activity.
  3. ROLL rather than fold: believe me rolling all wardrobe items when packing that ever shrinking case, it is essential and works wonders when you want to add a few last minute extra pieces.
  4. Check the weather: having an idea what the weather is going to do will make planning your holiday wardrobe a little less stressful and you will be prepared if/when (dare I say it) the rain decides to make an appearance.
  5. Wear any bulky items you want to take away on the flight to your destination: a leather jacket is a great wardrobe piece to take away on holiday, perfect for the evening stroll along the shore. Wearing these items on the flight means you have more room in your case for pretty summer pieces- winning!
  6. Plan and build your outfits on the floor using a flat lay technique and take photos: this is a great styling technique as it enables you to visualise what outfits you have planned for your trip.
  7. Lightweight layers for your summer holiday: pack lightweight fabrics, i.e simple tees, summer dresses, jumpsuits in these fabrics will wash and dry quickly if wearing ensembles to the pool. Wearing these summer fabrics makes going to the pool/beach a real breeze because these pieces will be dry and ready for you to re-style the next day.
  8. Create a holiday colour palette: creating a colour palette is a great way to ensure all of you holiday wardrobe pieces work together. Whether you like navy/white/greys or bright colours try and stick with a particular colour palette as this will makes holiday styling simple, chic and effortless.
  9. Wardrobe staple versatile pieces work best: choose a few wardrobe key staple pieces that will work with i.e. denim shorts, white tee, sandals. These pieces will create the foundation to your holiday wardrobe so you can mix and match all holiday items.
  10. Bold accessories will take a dress from the beach to the cocktail bar: accessories are great for every holiday wardrobe as they can completely transform a day look into an evening look in almost an instant. Shoes will definitely depend on location of destination; i.e long stretches of sandy beaches require practical and easy wearing shoes/sandals as let’s be honest you won’t be needing your killer stilettos until you hit the cocktail bar later!

Here are some of my Holiday Wardrobe Must-Haves List

Answers to Fashion & Travel Twitter Questions #️⃣TandLC #️⃣travel

How important is fashion to you when travelling? When travelling I like to feel chic, fashionable and most importantly comfortable. The destination, travel distance and weather are all factors I take into consideration when planning and deciding what to wear.

Have you any tips for cutting down on the number of pair of shoes we cram in for every trip? When planning you travel wardrobe try to limit yourself to three pairs of shoes- ballet pumps, flip flops/sandals and a pair of classic wedges. Pick neutral coloured shoes, they will go with every outfit, from dusk to dawn. To create more space in your case invest in some roll-up ballet pumps; these are my essential shoe, perfect and easy to carry in your handbag, comfortable, great for all weather types and super chic.

What is your fail-safe, works-everywhere item of clothing and/or product? Clothing wise it has to be a lightweight, classic scarf. Scarfs are underestimated, not only are they fashionable and lightweight, they can also be worn in so many ways. I wear my scarf round my neck, on my head as a turban, as a beach cover-up, as a skirt and at night over my shoulders. Choose a scarf that will go with your holiday colour palette so you can add it to a variety of different outfits. Product wise, my ultimate travel beauty product has to be Elizabeth Arden #️⃣EightHourCream this goes absolutely everywhere with me, perfect for skin hydration and protection and you can get it in travel sized bottles.

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Fingers crossed this post has given you a little help and a clear direction on how to and what to pack for your travels, plus key pieces that are available to make you look and feel fashionably stylish at all times when travelling. If you have any styling question leave a comment below or tweet me @LolaRoyle enjoy the beautiful sunny weather 🙂

Lola x


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